CPAP 101
Helpful tips and information to make CPAP Therapy a more positive experience for you.
Sleep Apneas takes away your health, CPAP gives it back.
Use the resources below to help make CPAP therapy for sleep apnea a more positive experience for you..
What is CPAP? 12 Tips
CPAP Study 10 Key for Success
Benefits of CPAP Troubleshooting
Adjusting to CPAP Bed Partners
Hours of Operation

[Dr. Clerk's Office Hours:]
Monday to Friday
Closed for Lunch: 12pm to 1pm
9am to 5pm

[Clinic Hours:]
(For Overnight Sleep Study Only)
Monday to Saturday
8:15pm to 7am

[Contact Info:]

Phone: (408) 295-4532

Fax: (408) 295-4738

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